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MCO Timeline - Leading you, every step of the way

MCO Legals LLP is a division of Meharia & Company Advisors LLP founded by Mr. Mohan Prasad Meharia on strong work ethics and industry’s best practices. Four decades down it has its corporate office at New Delhi, administrative office at Kolkata and branch office at Mumbai.

MCO, as it is fondly known, with its honesty, ethical practice and integrity has incorporated some of the best practices in its field to ensure that it provides a comprehensive solution to all its clients. The firm with its extensive know-how in areas likes real-estate, corporate and civil law, natural resources and the like has been able to carve a niche for itself internationally too.

MCO believes that quality is what brings a sustained growth, which helps build relations with the clients and timely delivery of services is what it will be remembered for. This is reflected in the sheer dedication and team spirit of its members.

Where everything has gone wireless; MCO has gone “paperless” too. The ERP- legal software- “MCOAPP” enables the team to be a part of their “office” from anywhere in the globe- with just a click! Yet, the importance of printed literature has not been subdued, which is why it has a fully equipped –walk-in library, at the disposal of its team.

Promoting legal education in India, the Firm has founded a charitable society, Sashwaat Society of Education and Research (SSER), under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. SSER, established in 2011, undertakes the initiative of educating the masses at every level of the social hierarchy about the laws and privileges that the Citizen of India is entitled to. Their research and analysis finds a voice in their bi-monthly journal “Aavedna”. Aavedna is the voice of the people. It brings forth popular sentiments and encourages the youth to be the models of change.

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MCO Legals LLP is a member of International Bar Association & World Jurist Association

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About MCO Legals

MCO Legals, a division of Meharia & Company Advisors LLP provides complete legal solution with its extensive legal research, innovative approach and a commitment to provide quality and efficient services to its clients. The contribution made by the Firm, makes it one of the leading law firms with branches at New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

  • Corporate Office 6A, Block - Q, Jungpura
    New Delhi 110014

  • Registered Office 9,Old Post Office Street,
    2nd Floor,
    Kolkata 700001

  • Branch Office 105, Mumbai Samachar Marg
    Office no.23, 2nd Floor, Fort
    Mumbai 400023