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HR Philosophy

MCO believes that relationships are the key to higher employee engagement, greater innovation, achievement of business goals and satisfied customers. As the family grew so did the need to organize, synchronize and channelize the human resources; the biggest asset that MCO has built in the four decades of its existence.

HR policies highlighting the core values of the Firm were formulated in the form of MCO Manual. They are:

  • Team Approach: The efforts made to ensure group practice is indispensible at MCO. The Firm believes collective responsibility leads to better coordination and an excellent environment to develop the full potential of every member.
  • Appreciation: Although the Firm is guided by team approach, efforts put in by every member in the progress of the Firm are well appreciated. Motivation brings the best of its members.
  • Accountability: The services provided to the clients are the sole responsibility of MCO. Grievances, if any should be addressed to the Firm and not to any individual member.
  • Complaisant/Integrity: Mutual respect and the spirit to communicate at every level of the organizational hierarchy are practised to ensure the complete performance of MCO. Any kind of attitude which is detrimental to the working environment is strictly monitored.

MCO Philosophy

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MCO Legals, a division of Meharia & Company Advisors LLP provides complete legal solution with its extensive legal research, innovative approach and a commitment to provide quality and efficient services to its clients. The contribution made by the Firm, makes it one of the leading law firms with branches at New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

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