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Client Relationship Philosophy

The relationship with the client is the foundation goal of every law firm. What determines the growth and success of a Firm is the quality of service rendered to its clients. MCO strives to enhance its client relationship graph by:

  • Respecting the needs of the clients. Every query raised is looked into thoroughly to give a comprehensive solution.
  • Being a patient listener. Understanding the client’s requirement and assisting them to achieve the same in an effective manner.
  • Communicating every development of their case. Clients are informed at every step through issuance of Client Care letters, through emails which are also sent to the Team simultaneously to keep the flow of communication intact. In case of the Appointment of a Senior Counsel or appearance of the Client in the Court; MCO informs the client in advance.
  • Ensuring the presence of the Client in every conference related to his/her case.
  • Being just a “click “away. To ensure that every development of a case is informed to the Client, MCO has designed an ERP Software-MCOAPP which gives the client details of its case from any part of the globe. However, not undermining the importance of printed a fully equipped walk-in library has been made available to its Team too.

MCO Philosophy

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MCO Legals, a division of Meharia & Company Advisors LLP provides complete legal solution with its extensive legal research, innovative approach and a commitment to provide quality and efficient services to its clients. The contribution made by the Firm, makes it one of the leading law firms with branches at New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

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